(?) Weber

     (?) Weber married Eloise Gamble, daughter of DeWitt Clinton Gamble Jr. and C. Pearl Beck.

Family: Eloise Gamble

DeWitt Clinton Gamble

FatherRobert Gamble
MotherMatilda Townley
     DeWitt Clinton Gamble married Mary P. Lewis, daughter of G. A. Lewis and Sarah Williams.
     DeWitt Clinton Gamble was also known as DC.

Mary P. Lewis

FatherG. A. Lewis
MotherSarah Williams
     Mary P. Lewis married DeWitt Clinton Gamble, son of Robert Gamble and Matilda Townley.

Robert Gamble

     Robert Gamble married Matilda Townley.

Matilda Townley

     Matilda Townley married Robert Gamble.

G. A. Lewis

     G. A. Lewis married Sarah Williams.

Sarah Williams

     Sarah Williams married G. A. Lewis.

James M. Beck

FatherGeorge W. Beck
MotherLucetta Mullen
     James M. Beck married R. Elizabeth Tucker, daughter of Basil Tucker and Elizabeth Kinnie.

R. Elizabeth Tucker

FatherBasil Tucker
MotherElizabeth Kinnie
     R. Elizabeth Tucker married James M. Beck, son of George W. Beck and Lucetta Mullen.

George W. Beck

     George W. Beck married Lucetta Mullen.

Lucetta Mullen

     Lucetta Mullen married George W. Beck.

Basil Tucker


Elizabeth Kinnie


Marion Cassaday Wheeler

Cass Wheeler, 2009

Denise Scott

Denise Warner, 2005

Devin Michael Downs

FatherDamon Bradley Downs
MotherDena Marie Fabre

Alexander Ballou Donnell

FatherLawrence Alexander Donnell
MotherSusan Allen Smith b. 22 Sep 1950, d. 30 Jul 2023
Alexander Ballou Donnell, age 41

Guy Samuel Barks

M, b. 7 October 1922, d. 31 May 2004
FatherEugene Guy Barks b. 24 Sep 1880, d. 8 May 1953
MotherSadie Lewis b. 10 Jul 1883, d. 9 May 1956
     Guy Samuel Barks was born on 7 October 1922 in Tulia, Swisher, Texas, USA. He died on 31 May 2004 in San Marcos, Hays, Texas, USA, at age 81.

Mary Louise Flatt

FatherAustin Dewey Flatt b. 25 Apr 1901, d. 1 Feb 1997
MotherMary Eveline Swindle b. 29 Jul 1904, d. 25 Feb 1995

Family: Guy Samuel Barks b. 7 Oct 1922, d. 31 May 2004

Eugene Guy Barks

M, b. 24 September 1880, d. 8 May 1953
FatherDr Samuel Bancroft Barks
MotherJane (Jennie) Campbell
     Eugene Guy Barks was born on 24 September 1880 at Laddonia in Audrain, Missouri, USA. He married Sadie Lewis, daughter of George C. Lewis and Martha Francis Lemmons, on 25 January 1910. Eugene Guy Barks died on 8 May 1953 in Tulia, Swisher, Texas, USA, at age 72.

Family: Sadie Lewis b. 10 Jul 1883, d. 9 May 1956

Sadie Lewis

F, b. 10 July 1883, d. 9 May 1956
FatherGeorge C. Lewis d. c 1915
MotherMartha Francis Lemmons d. c 1899
     Sadie Lewis was born on 10 July 1883 in Palo Pinto, Texas, USA. She married Eugene Guy Barks, son of Dr Samuel Bancroft Barks and Jane (Jennie) Campbell, on 25 January 1910. Sadie Lewis died on 9 May 1956 in Tulia, Swisher, Texas, USA, at age 72.

Family: Eugene Guy Barks b. 24 Sep 1880, d. 8 May 1953

Dr Samuel Bancroft Barks

FatherRev Joseph V Barks b. 17 Sep 1817
MotherDiana Bancroft
     Dr Samuel Bancroft Barks was born in Laddonia, Audrian, Missouri, USA. He died in Odessa, LaFayette, Missouri, USA. He married Jane (Jennie) Campbell, daughter of W. R. Campbell and Sarah McElroy.
     On 16 June 1878, Dr Samuel Bancroft Barks graduated from the Medical School (an unknown value.)

Family: Jane (Jennie) Campbell

Jane (Jennie) Campbell

FatherW. R. Campbell
MotherSarah McElroy
     Jane (Jennie) Campbell married Dr Samuel Bancroft Barks, son of Rev Joseph V Barks and Diana Bancroft.

Family: Dr Samuel Bancroft Barks